The Pointer

Week 3

The Pointer

I call this core stability exercise the Pointer because the position you hold looks like a hunting dog at point. The exercise is more commonly called the Arm and Leg Raise, a term technically more accurate but less descriptive.

The Pointer focuses on your lower back muscles. These muscles play as significant a role in preventing low back pain as do your stomach muscles, but get far less care and attention. The pointer also works your upper back, shoulders, and upper leg muscles.

Be sure to hold your spine steady when you’re at point, just as you did with Planks and Bridges. That goes for your lower back, too. Keep it rock solid.

Each day this week, stretch to warm-up, then alternate sets of Planks one day with sets of Bridges the next. Then you’re ready to Point.

The Pointer

1.Get down on your hands and knees, your hands directly below your shoulders and your knees directly below your hips.

2.Exhale one arm and the opposite leg up so they are inline with your body.

3.Continue exhaling into the Zipper.

4.Repeat as many full breaths as you comfortably can, exhaling each time into the Zipper.

5.Exhale into the starting position.

  1. 6.Repeat steps 2-5 with your other arm and leg.

  2. 7.Repeat steps 2-6 two to three times, more if you’re comfortable.


Conclusion of Core Stabilization Exercises

Congratulations on learning and practicing your core muscle stabilization exercises. To keep your back pain free for the long term, include these in your regular exercise program. Even when you’re feeling no pain, work your core muscles 3-5 times a week.