Part I -- Core Stabilization

You’ve learned a stretching routine that increases the flexibility of your core muscles. Now it’s time to supplement that routine with a set of exercises that focuses on improving the coordination and stability of your core. These exercises achieve that by strengthening your deepest core muscles so they stabilize your pelvis and spine.

Core stabilization exercises include core muscles not involved in moving your body. Because there is no range of motion to exercise these muscles through, you hold the exercises in one position. You do not move through a range of motion as you do for stretching.

Preparing for Core Stabilization

Here’s what you’ll need:

•A comfortable surface to exercise on. Your living room floor works. So would your garage floor with a mat or rug to lie on.

•Clothes that don’t restrict your movement. Running shorts and a t-shirt, for example.

•Drinking water to slack your thirst and keep you hydrated while you exercise.

•A minimum of 30 minutes of free time.

To make the most of these core stability exercises, hold your spine as steady as you can during each one.

As always, check with your health care provider to be sure these core-stabilizing exercises are appropriate for you.